Villa Ebe

Naples, Italy

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Villa Ebe is a prestigious neo-Gothic building designed by the British architect Lamont Young. Built in 1920, it was acquired together with the contiguous ramps in 1997 by the Municipal Administration of Naples.

The Villa is located in one of the oldest parts of the city and is situated in a very prestigious position: the Monte Echia area is a tuffaceous ridge about 60 metres high overlooking the seafront near Castel dell'Ovo. On this site of the ancient nucleus of the city of Palepoli (Pale Polis: old city) was founded, from which the city of Naples descended (Nea Polis: new city). The area of interest includes, in addition to Villa Ebe, the 16th century ramps that lead from the area of the large hotels on the seafront up the Pizzofalcone hill and the belvedere at the top of Monte Echia, including the 1st century BC archaeological area consisting of the remains of the Villa of Lucius Licinius Lucullus.

The belvedere is currently undergoing redevelopment works and the construction of a public transport lift that will connect it to the Santa Lucia area at the sea level, as well as a small refreshment point and toilets potentially concerning the project. The complex is located in one of the most breath-taking places in Naples, ready to come back to life and become available for the city again, through a major project of cultural-based regeneration, an iconic project for the enhancement of heritage and public space.

Expected land use

To transform the site into an evocative and accessible place through a low-carbon refurbishment of Villa Ebe with spaces dedicated to reception, culture, higher education and research with a focus on sustainability and the creation of services for the community. It must also pursue the enhancement of the archaeological site, the belvedere and the recovery of the connection path with the lower part of the city through the consolidation of the Lamont Young ramps.

Type of property transfer intended
Concession for a minimum of 29 years. The charge for this concession is established by the  market price minus the cost of the works realised, this will be agreed during the with the finalist teams.


Plot Area: The area includes Villa Ebe, the belvedere, the archaeological area of Pizzofalcone and the system of the Lamont Young ramps. Specifically, it consists of about 1000sqm of covered areas, about 500 square metres of terrace and 500 square metres of gardens.

Site ownership: The project site is entirely owned by the City of Naples.

Deadline for the submission of the Expression of Interest: 20 September 2022 14:00 CET

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Lamont Young ramps, via Egiziaca a Pizzofalcone
Naples Italy