Venerable Priests Residence

Bilbao, Spain

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The Venerable Priests Residence of Bilbao stands as an iconic building located in the heart of the city, with a rich history and impressive architecture that combines historical elements with modern flair.

Among its strengths is its central and accessible location, making it an ideal place for cultural and social activities. However, the Residencia also faces some challenges, such as the need for renovation and modernization to adapt to contemporary demands and meet sustainability and accessibility standards. The city of Bilbao has high expectations for the renovation of the Residencia, especially in terms of turning it into a pioneering center of sustainability and inclusion, with a central focus on gastronomy.

The redevelopment represents a unique opportunity to revitalize a historic building and turn it into an engine of positive change for the community through innovative initiatives in sustainability and inclusion through gastronomy.

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Bilbao Spain