Forte Sant’Andrea

Venice, Italy

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The Forte Sant'Andrea complex, located on the island of the same name in the Venetian Lagoon, was built in the mid-1500s on the remains of defensive structures built in the previous century to protect the access to the city from the sea.

This massive fortress spans an area of around 2,5 hectares, comprised of a central tower, ancillary structures, and roughly three hundred meters of waterfront walls, spaced by forty gunboats placed by the water and a second battery placed on the terraces.The regeneration and valorisation of the Forte Sant’Andrea complex must take into account the surrounding context, such as the functional purpose of the site, the management methods and redevelopment strategies of the nearby islands and, as well as the uniqueness and fragility of the lagoon ecosystem.The valorisation of the Fortress should be achieved through the design and concept of a development model that integrates environmental, social and economic elements.

Expected Land Use:
The transformation should focus on making the site accessible to the public, creating new places for the community. The project will have to be repurposed according to the "low carbon" principle, in compliance with the guidelines provided by the Superintendence, as outlined in the Fortress's Decree of Restriction, ensuring interventions are carried out with a focus on sustainability. Mixed functions can be integrated, including cultural and museum activities to preserve the historical significance of the compound, potentially extending to research and innovative activities, as well as recreational functions and sports (complementary to museums and tourism), can be incorporated into open spaces, as well as tourist accommodations and services for the public.

Type of Property transfer intended:
Enhancement concession (between no. 6 and no. 50 years). The economic aspects of the transformation will be evaluated in the second phase of the competition.


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Plot Area:

The fort is located within the Venice lagoon, at the tip of the Vignole island, spanning roughly 25,000 square meters. Within this area, there are 17 buildings covering a total area of approximately 9,000 square meters.

Site Ownership:

State Property - Artistic Historical Branch

Deadline for the submission of the Expression of Interest:

Thursday 11 July 2024, 18:00 CET


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Isola di Sant’Andrea
Venice Italy