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Deadline for the submission of the Expression of Interest: Thursday 11 July 2024, 18:00 CET

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The property is located in the village of "Settecamini", established in the early 20th century and transferred by the Torlonia Princes to the Municipality of Rome, that carried out land rehabilitation and agricultural reclamation efforts.

The property, now owned by the State, is located in the eastern quadrant of Rome, in a residential area currently served by Via Tiburtina, the GRA (Exit 13), Highway 24 and surface public transport (buses), and is included within the master plan for the redevelopment of public spaces for the 15-minute city. The surrounding context is residential, with the presence of educational, religious and other services. It is developed in adherence to areas hosting industrial and tertiary activities (television studios, industrial and logistic sites) and to the Sempione golf course, the site of major international events. Built in the 1930s to house the Casa del Fascio, the building was first intended for residential use, serving citizens who supported the reclamation of Rome's suburban areas.

Over time, the ‘Casa del Fascio’ underwent a transformation into the ‘Casa del Popolo’ (‘House of the People’). The building overlooks the recently redeveloped Piazza S. Maria dell'Olivo, which is the neighbourhood's most prominent public space. The redevelopment should prioritise environmental sustainability, consider the existing context and ongoing changes, and align with the vision of the 15-minute city as outlined in Municipal Council Resolution no. 309/2023, "Programme 15 Projects for 15 Municipalities for the City of 15 minutes - Project for the regeneration of public space - Settecamini Area, Municipality IV - Approval of master plan"; creating services and spaces for the neighbourhood. From the recovery intervention, aimed at environmental sustainability, taking into account the context and the transformations underway, the redevelopment of the urban context and the improvement of environmental, social and economic conditions must be achieved according to new and different uses.

Expected Land Use:

The project proposal seeks to maintain the preservation of the original layout and its public purpose by employing strategies that adhere to the designated urban planning regulations and conservation principles. The functions should harmonise with the enhancement of open spaces and road networks, considering Roma Capitale's master plan for revitalising public areas in line with the 15-minute city initiative. Furthermore, the project seeks to facilitate the integration of community services and amenities within the building, serving both the local neighbourhood and the broader city, thereby serving as a cultural hub for the urban renewal of its surroundings. The building intervention should also pay particular attention to environmental sustainability, with a focus on  energy efficiency and sustainable construction practices. Additionally, the project should encourage ecological reconnection, the development of green spaces, and resilience.

Type of Property transfer intended:

A concession for utilisation (lasting between No. 6 and No. 50 years).  During the second phase of the bidding process, the technical and economic sustainability of the proposal will be assessed alongside other submitted bids.



A Team-up form has been created to support professionals interested in the same site/city to collaborate and team-up. Should you wish to share your contact with other actors, please fill in this form. The full list of contacts can be found here

"It is with great enthusiasm that Rome reaffirms its participation in Reinventing Cities, continuing to consolidate the climate action commitments towards a safer and better life for our citizens. As in previous editions, we will start from underutilised urban areas and buildings to initiate urban regeneration processes aimed at zero-emission transformation, while continuing to foster the growth of the city's economy in a sustainable, resilient and equitable way."
Mayor of Rome, Roberto Gualtieri

Plot Area: 
The Gross Intervention Area is approximately 960.00 sqm.

Site Ownership: 
State Property

Deadline for submitting expressions of the Expression of Interest:
Thursday 11 July 2024, 18:00 CET

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Via Di Casal Bianco, 35 00131 Località Settecamini
Rome Italy