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Glasgow, UK

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Applecross Wharf and Baird’s Brae are situated along the Glasgow Canal in north Glasgow. The combined sites are located in the heart of the Glasgow Canal Regeneration Action Plan area, within the Applecross-Firhill zone.

The site is currently occupied by Scottish Canals Head office at Canal House, Applecross Street, and Scottish Canals operational buildings. The bascule bridge which connects the site locations across the canal is a busy pedestrian route, connecting primarily residential areas to the north with the towpath and extending further into the city to the south. The development of the site is the next step in the promotion and delivery of the coordinated regeneration of places and communities along the Forth & Clyde Canal.  The previous five years of the Action Plan have seen the start of a huge physical transformation. The canal and its towpaths are busier than they have been in generations; a new Local Nature Reserve has been established at Claypits; significant amounts of vacant and derelict land have been brought back into use; City Deal’s ‘Canal and North Gateway’ programme has tackled many of the infrastructure issues of the area; and the ‘Smart Canal’ is facilitating current and future housing development via its groundbreaking approach to unlocking sites via remediation and disposal of surface water.