Webinar . October 2023

Building Green & Inclusive Cities: Advancing Affordable Housing

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Hear from our leading experts from San Francisco, Vienna and Milan who will share their insights and strategies for creating inclusive, sustainable, and green housing solutions for all!

Access to affordable housing is a pressing issue in cities across the globe. Local governments are taking action to ensure safe, sustainable, and inclusive living spaces for all residents. Explore innovative approaches and real-world examples from the Reinventing Cities competition, which serves as a catalyst for the development of green and equitable housing projects!


  • Eric Shaw, Director, San Francisco Mayor's Office of Housing & Community Development
  • Kurt Hofstetter, Head of Strategic Projects and International Affairs at the City of Vienna
  • Caroline Bas, Chief Operating Officer at The Kelsey
  • Fiona Ruddy, Senior Project Manager at Mercy Housing California 
  • Camillo Botticini, Lead Architect at ARW Associates

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