Webinar . April 2024

City-Industry Dialogue | Unlocking Urban Potential: Prioritising Cities' Built Assets

Calcutta_ India_ © Reya Ahmed _ C40

Hear from both cities and the private sector - architects, developers and investors on how they can support each other on renovating, reusing and retrofitting vacant, stranded and underused assets. Featuring renowned architect, Snøhetta, winner of the C40 Reinventing Cities competition in Milan, Aria.


Jules Gallissian | Architect and Urban Designer, Snøhetta
Sara Udina Armengol | Technical Coordinator, Urban Management Unit, Barcelona City Council
Ana Cabrera Hens | Architect, Barcelona City Council
LU Guozhong | Director, R&D Center of Beijing Building Materials Testing Academy Co., Ltd.
Noll Tufani | Vice President, Programs Africa & Middle East, Build Change

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