Wednesday 4 October

C40 & IKEA workshop at One Young World Summit Belfast


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Students Reinventing Cities presents a workshop on revitalising urban spaces at the world's biggest youth leadership Summit

Students Reinventing Cities is delighted to co-lead the workshop 'Revitalising Urban Spaces: Building Resilient Communities for a Sustainable Future' with IKEA at the annual One Young World Summit.

The Summit brings together the brightest young leaders from 190+ countries and 250+ organisations, working to accelerate social impact. Over 2,200 participants will convene in Belfast for four days of knowledge-sharing and networking. 

The workshop will explore sustainable urban design, using Students Reinventing Cities case studies, enabling participants to: 

  • Gain expertise about the “complete” neighbourhood model that prioritises social diversity, mixed-use buildings & green spaces.
  • Understand business, NGO and city priorities for redevelopment and the challenges that come with this. 
  • Develop innovative and replicable solutions that transform urban spaces into green & thriving neighbourhoods.