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Winning project : VITAE
Team representative: COVIVIO DEVELOPMENT


Abbey and Charterhouse were European lighthouses for safeguarding and rediscovering human thought; centres of knowledge and invention for our communities. Vitae reflects in these models: architecture apparently confined but permeable, promoting harmony between public and private life. Nature is a reference, a tool contrasting today’s climate and pollution challenge.

The “Green Spiral”, a path with a vine pergola rising to the top of the building symbolizes the DNA double helix, the embrace between research and biophilia. The married grapevine rows on the roofs and alternates with terraces and vegetable gardens. The seasonal greenhouses and the Giardino dei Semplici are collective environments for experimentation. The project also develops an overall strategy to reduce its carbon footprint and its environmental impact through a wide range of solutions for clean energy, sustainable construction materials, low-carbon mobility and water management.

Vitae is consolidated by strong partnership with local actors and develops sustainable activities and green lifestyle. It will host spaces for public events for nutrition and education, molecular oncological research and guesthouses for international researchers. It proposes an advanced urban coexistence model linked to the best European tradition, all for new Humanism.

Key Components & Solutions

• Vitae aims for a 40% energy reduction and 26% CO2 emission reduction. 95% of electricity is certified green, 43kW of photovoltaic panels will be installed as well as heat pump (geothermal source). In addition, the building incorporates many energy efficiency measures.

• This project offers a high-level green identity and foster biodiversity thanks to hydroponic gardens, a vineyard on the spiral roof, green catering and educational activities.

• The project promotes sustainable mobility through electric vehicles and pedestrian facilities.

• Water is managed through the recovery of rainwater and the reuse of grey water.

Presentation of the site

Serio is a 0.5 ha vacant plot, located at the heart of the urban regeneration of the 'Scalo Romana' district, a former productive area under redevelopment where “Innovation” and “Regeneration” florish. The site’s direct proximity to the brand-new Prada Foundation’s art complex enhances its high potential.

Serio is a 0.5ha vacant lot. As for now, it is partially used as a car park and is located in the south-eastern area of Milan, less than 3 km from Duomo, at the heart of the urban regeneration of the 'Scalo Romana' district, a former productive area under redevelopment. 

'Regeneration' and 'innovation' are the keywords of this growing district.

The site is just 3 minutes’ walk from the brand new Prada Foundation art complex which was opened in 2015 and has quickly become one of the city's most important cultural attractions. 

Serio is also next to the Symbiosis development area. Currently under construction, it will host a business centre of excellence, including the headquarters of innovation companies, with new buildings boasting a high technological profile. 

Moreover, it is located just 250m south of the 20ha Porta Romana disused railway yard, one of the most important areas for future opportunities within the city's core boundaries.

Serio is included in the area selected for the European programme, Sharing Cities. This Horizon 2020 programme supports the redevelopment of the district as a smart low-energy neighborhood, adopting an innovative approach to address key environmental challenges, such as reducing the polluting emissions of buildings.

The site is also close to various key universities and research centres within the neighbourhood; the latter is becoming each year more vibrant, hosting restaurants and bars, music venues, hotels, business incubators, and start-ups.


Teammiup-local meetup platform 

Programma atteso: 

L’obiettivo che il Comune di Milano pone per la riqualificazione di questo sito è di accrescere le dinamiche di rigenerazione già in atto nel quartiere, creando sinergie con la vocazione dedicata all'educazione, alla ricerca, alla cultura e all'innovazione.

Comune di Milano.

Area del lotto:
Il sito di via Serio ha un’area catastale di circa 5.468 mq. Tuttavia, per la presenza di un canale scoperto tombinabile e per le relative disposizioni in vigore, l’area d’intervento del lotto è limitata a circa 4.900 mq.

Tipologia di trasferimento di proprietà prevista:
Il sito sarà oggetto di vendita con i relativi diritti edificatori con l’indicazione di un prezzo minimo fissato dalla proprietà. In funzione della proposta,  ulteriori diritti edificatori potranno eventualmente essere acquistati dal proponente, facendone richiesta al  Comune di Milano, e/o ottenuti mediante previsione di quote di Edilizia Residenziale Sociale o altri incentivi previsti dal PGT.
Via Serio


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