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Bobigny, France

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Winning project : MKNO
Team representative: NODI / PROMOVAL

Environmental expert(s): ZEFCO

MKNO addresses a multitude of complex challenges embracing a new paradigm within urban development. The development includes an ambitious environmental strategy and aspires to reconnect the two rivers of the Canal de l’Ourcq that will provide a new place for future local and metropolitan uses. The 50.000m² project will consist of student housing, residential dwellings, a mobility pole, hotels and offices. The ground floors will allow for a variety of services, including local shops, a kindergarten, a library and a food incubator.

MKNO projects to significantly reduce carbon emissions over its entire life cycle by using bio-sourced and recycled construction materials (25.000m3 of wood, 7.600m² of reused materials); at least 50% renewable energy and energy from heat recovery; and providing multiple solutions to accommodate for low carbon mobility (more than 1,000 bicycle parking spaces; creation of the “Garage Bleu”, an incubator focusing on new mobility). In addition, buildings will incorporate a modular design that increases flexibility to adapt to future needs. The project also includes an ambitious natural rainwater management system that connects to the canal and functions as a natural soil filtration system.

Key Components & Solutions

• Ambitious eco-mobility project thanks to a vehicle electrification demonstrator; a 1.000m2 new mobility incubator called "Garage Bleu"; and numerous low carbon mobility solutions such as shared bikes and cargo bikes.

• The project intends to cover up to 25% of the site with sustainable gardens and green areas, including 80% of native plant species. The project will acquire the BiodiverCity label.

• MKNO will recover heat energy from nearby sites, as well as using geothermal energy and recuperate on-site energy from grey water systems.

• In addition, the innovative reversible design of the buildings will achieve zero carbon emissions aiming to use wood and recycled construction materials.

Presentation of the site

At the heart of Plaine de l’Ourcq, one of the main areas for the urban transformation of Greater Paris, the site consisting of the land of the future ex-MBK lot in Bobigny represents unique real estate potential of more than two hectares along the Canal de l’Ourcq.

The sector of the Canal de l’Ourcq has benefitted from major public investment and the establishment of economic stakeholders with international reputations over the past 10 years such as Chanel, BNP Paribas, BETC, THADDAEUS ROPAC Gallery of Contemporary Art …

The development of the MBK lot inside ZAC Ecocité will benefit from the urban dynamics created around the future Grand Paris Express stations of Bobigny Pablo Picasso and Pont de Bondy as well as from the multimodal hub of Bobigny - La Folie.

The proposed site should welcome a project to be ambitious in more ways than one: respecting natural and energy resources, triggering innovations in the field of water management and construction sites.

The proposed scheme will stand out because of its innovative response to new land uses and carry metropolitan influence ambitions and functions that will establish one of the new hubs of Greater Paris.

It will get the most from the exceptional presence of the embankments of the canal de l’Ourcq and the intensity of traffic flows on Rue de Paris, while being part of the mixed uses which will bring to life the entire redevelopment of the district.


Programme attendu
Le site est composé : d’1 emprise dite MBK de 21 334m² à Bobigny et au cœur de la Plaine de l’Ourcq (11km et 200 ha).
Sa programmation vise un projet mixte d’activités-logements, des RDC animant les berges du canal et le boulevard urbain côté Rue de Paris et des fonctions de rayonnement métropolitain (culture).
La libération de l’emprise MBK peut être immédiate.

Emprise MBK : SEQUANO Aménagement et 2 parcelles privées (propriétaire privé, en phase d’expropriation)

Périmètre de cession

Une emprise dit MBK de 21 334m², située aux 55 rue de Paris et 3 avenue Jean Jaurès à Bobigny. Elle concerne les parcelles N196-197 et N195-198.

Modalités de cession 
L’emprise MBK a vocation à être acquise, libérée et démolie par SEQUANO Aménagement, qui revendra le terrain, assorti de droits à construire. Elle sera cédée libre, nue et arasée en superstructure. La prise en charge des éventuelles dépenses pour la mise en état environnementale du site sera à la charge du preneur.
55 rue de Paris
Bobigny France


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