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This unbuilt plot of approximately 3 ha is located on the southeast edge of the City, with a strong expectation of the City to develop a new economic and innovative center. It has good accessibility through the Modal Metro / Rail Interchange of Vicálvaro. It is directly next to a new park and to the new innovative incubator “Factoría Industrial Vicálvaro”, and nearby a zone planned to host the future urban growth.

Located in the Vicálvaro district in south-east Madrid, the scope of the tender covers a municipal plot with an area of 28,493 m2, next to the railway. It enjoys a high quality environmental setting. It is part of a large area of economic activity that has been listed as an “area of opportunity” in the Strategic Plan for the Urban Regeneration of Madrid, with the aim of contributing to the productive regeneration of Vicálvaro district.

The area is easily accessible via the Metro interchange / Vicálvaro railway. It is located between a residential area and an economic activity hub with a good urbanization but where there are many vacant plots. It is a place with opportunities for future urban growth, with new residential neighbourhoods planned in the surrounding area.

The proposed area has strong potential for the development of economic activities that will provide a transition between the housing and the industrial estate and support infrastructure of the adjacent Valderribas neighbourhood. 

The goal is to introduce new economic activities that will have a positive impact on the remaining area, by developing a place that attracts innovative and competitive companies, in order to achieve a distinctive mark from other areas of economic activity in the region. 

The intention is to improve the currently unconsolidated urban integration of the economic area with the residential neighbourhoods and green space surrounding the plot, and to address the pedestrian and cycle access with an intended new footbridge over the railway tracks. 

The City expects proposal that will stimulate the ecosystem of emerging companies, such as Factoría Industrial Vicálvaro located on the neighbouring plot, and other proposals that may support the current  economic dynamics.


Expected program
Introduction of new diversified and competitive economic activities.
In addition, the City will consider positively all proposals that will include solutions to foster the transition between the residential area on the other side of the railway and the industrial estate, and proposals to enhance the pedestrian and cycle access, with the possibility of a new footbridge where there is currently an “iron bridge”. 
Integration with the municipal green space surrounding the plot.

Ayuntamiento de Madrid (Madrid City Council)

Plot area
The municipal plot has a total area of 43,493 m2; the area object of the tender is 28,493 m2 (plot A), the remaining area of 15,000 m2 is reserved for a secondary school (plot C).

Type of property transfer intended
Sale at price market by public tender or Concession with specific clause regarding public services.

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