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The site is located on the south campus of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, an area of priority opportunity. The 3.2 ha site selected for the contest is composed of one building and an unbuilt parcel, and 2 optional plots. The objective is to facilitate the development of a series of uses in connection to the educational and research activities of the University, and to bring new services and utilities to reinforce the vibrating life of the campus.

The site is located on the south campus of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, in the Arboleda area. It is listed as an “area of opportunity” in the Strategic Plan for the Urban Regeneration of Madrid because of its potential to improve the urban structure of the Puente de Vallecas district. The aim is to address the university’s current urban isolation, due to its surrounding by disused industrial land, by promoting new uses related to the university and entrepreneurship, the project is intended to stimulate the regeneration of the privately-owned abutting industrial land.

The area proposed for development is composed of a building and a vacant plot of land, both belonging to Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. The building, which was initially intended to be a research centre, was constructed in 2000 and is in a good condition. It has a very low level of use and occupation in relation to its actual capacity. The objective is to restore and upgrade the building by introducing new uses. The construction of facilities has been requested for the vacant plot.

The main idea is to promote the development of uses that respond to the campus’ education and research activities. They should interact and be sustained not only by the schools in this area, but also by those in the city’s north campus, which are extremely diverse and have large research teams. The uses should foster the entrepreneurship associated with research and teaching, and possibly meet temporary accommodation needs for travelling students and teachers. Tertiary uses, such as a cafeteria, or other uses may also be introduced to complement the existing ones.

Two vacant plots, currently allocated for use as green and sport zones, are included on an optional basis in the tender. Development proposals on these plots could enrich the main projects and improve the relationship between the university and the city. An entrance and social gathering place could be created in the style of a square a main access to the university from Calle Arboleda. This space, with multiple uses, will contribute to improve the connection to the urban area of Villa de Vallecas


Expected program
Introduction of new uses to diversify existing uses and to promote entrepreneurship related to research and teaching at the university (start-up incubators, private research, social gathering spaces, etc)

Universidad Politécnica. 

Plot area
18,288 m2 comprising plots A and B (+ an optional 13,436 m2: plots 1 and 2). 

Type of property transfer intended
Concession with specific clause regarding public services.

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Avenida del Campus Sur y calle Arboleda
Madrid Spain


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