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Auckland, New Zealand

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The 5,313 sqm Falls plot is a car park that the City of Auckland is proposing for the Reinventing Cities competition alongside with a neighboring site - Alderman carpark - and with the objective to implement medium-density residential/mixed-used development. The City is pursuing an important program called « Unlock Henderson » to reinvigorate this area and sees the competition as a good opportunity to catalyze this process. The City expects to host on this site innovative projects, including potential solutions to re-use the waste heat from the nearby pool.

Falls car park is a 5.313 sqm plot situated in Henderson, West Auckland. Alderman carpark, a neighbouring site, is also part of the Reinventing Cities call.

The site sits within the ‘Unlock Henderson’ project area which covers around 145 hectares. The overarching vision for the regeneration of ‘Unlock Henderson’ is ‘an urban eco-centre – enhancing the mauri (life essence) of the twin streams, Wai o Panuku and Wai Horotiu’.  
The Falls carpark is one out of nine potentially developable council-controlled properties within Henderson, which when developed could act as a catalyst for reinvigorating the area. 

Henderson was once the seat of the now dis-established Waitakere City Council. It boasts operating amenities such as an indoor wave pool, primary and secondary schools, a tertiary campus and new library, two large shopping centres and a well-located train station. 
A key regeneration goal for Henderson is to achieve high-quality medium-density residential and commercial development on Council-controlled land. This will improve the area’s amenity and new residents will add to the vibrancy and safety of the centre. Medium-density housing and mixed-use development could be attractive to a wide range of households including families. 

Henderson holds a unique distinction as a place where two waterways flow directly through its centre: the twin streams of Wai o Panuku and Wai Horotiu. Both streams hold significance to mana whenua (local Maori) and are important ecological and amenity corridors. Any development on the Falls site should take this vision, and cultural narrative, into account.

The site also has potential for energy innovation due to the close proximity of the Westwave Pool. This council-owned facility is a large consumer of natural gas, and its wastewater pipe runs close to the site. Auckland Council, in partnership with Panuku Development Auckland and Watercare, is undertaking feasibility research to investigate the potential to capture and re-use waste heat to meet energy demand in adjacent residential development. It is hoped that this may provide an innovative opportunity for carbon zero development.

Blog post about Auckland's participation in Reinventing Cities here:


Expected program
Residential / mixed use development as part of the regeneration of Henderson

The site is owned by Auckland Council and is currently operated by Auckland Transport as paid surface carparks.

Plot area

Around 5,313 sq. m.

Type of property transfer intended

Panuku Development Auckland is worlking with Auckland Transport to develop a Comprehensive Parking Management Plan, to secure the site’s release for sale.

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