Sævarhöfði 31

Reykjavík, Iceland

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Applications will close on Monday 20 April 2020 - 2pm local time in Reykjavik (UTC+0).

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This 2.853m² plot is characterized by two landmarks, a 40 meter tall concrete silos which form a part of a 1.641 m² industrial complex which used to house a cement factory.

This 2.853m² plot is characterized by two landmarks, a 40 meter tall concrete silos which form a part of a 1.641 m² industrial complex which used to house a cement factory. The complex also includes a packing station and a dispensary. It is an important landmark seen from multiple locations in the city, perfect reminder of the past role of this neighborhood as an industry area and a gateway into the new future urban area of Bryggjuhverfi Vestur.

The plot is located in the new Bryggjuhverfi Vestur district which is a part of a transformation of Reykjavík´s brownfield area of Elliðaárvogur and Ártúnshöfði. An area that will soon get a very well deserved transformation from being an important industrial area to a quality urban area filled with vibrant life.

The site enjoys an ideal central location within the new area of Elliðaárvogur and Ártúnshöfði. It is nearby the ocean with well-connected bike paths to other parts of the city and will even be better connected when the new (BRT) City Line will launch its first phase near the site.

The re-development of the site is flexible as long as the site and its build structure can still remain important landmarks and a reminder of the past.

Building on such assets, bidding teams are expected to develop ambitious project, revealing and finding a new role for the site and its built structure.
Expected program: 
According to the Municipal Plan, the planned function or operation for the proposed site and build structure, Sævarhöfði 31 is business or cultural activities. 

Nevertheless we are open in changing these function and we welcome new brilliant ideas for the side and its buildings future role. 

The development will be within a residential and mixed-use area so the proposal should take into account the current redevelopment plan of transformation in the area, to create a sustainable quality, liveability and diversity. 

The proposal should emphasize on sustainability through cost-effective use of land, green space and ecosystems, transport, employment, urban integration and public health. 

Please bare in mind the proposed adjacent side that will host a school for the whole community in Elliðaárvogur- Ártúnshöfði. 

The site and its build structure is owned by the City of Reykjavik

Plot area: 
The proposed site within Bryggjuhverfi Vestur, is 2.853 m2 of which 1.641 m2 build structure that needs to be renovated and given a new sustainable life. The site is today still used as a storage for gravel but the whole build structure is abandoned or empty except for the buildings interior structure and machines. 

Type of property transfer intended: 
50 years land lease agreement (in general, all land lease agreements are renewed after the duration of 50 years.)

Deadline for the submission of the Expression of Interest: 
Monday 20 April 2020 - 2pm local time in Reykjavik (UTC+0)

Language requirements
All the documents of the EOI must be submitted in English.

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Elliðarárvogur – Ártúnshöfði
Reykjavík Iceland


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