Monti Sabini

Milan, Italy

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The Monti Sabini site consists of an unbuilt area spanning around five hectares, including uncultivated green spaces, in the Vigentino district in Municipality 5

The Monti Sabini site consists of an unbuilt area spanning around five hectares, including uncultivated green spaces, in the Vigentino district in Municipality 5. This vast urban area represents the southernmost belt of the built up city towards the Parco Agricolo in southern Milan. Served by a tramway line that connects it to the centre in only 20 minutes along Via Ripamonti, it is the main central line for development in the city’s southern district. By tram, the site is also a few minutes away from one of the city’s most significant regeneration areas, which includes the former Porta Romana railway station, the future Olympic village area, the new Prada Foundation cultural institute and the Symbiosis urban development area, a directional centre of excellence which is adjacent to the ‘Vitae’ project and has already won the Reinventing Cities tender.

The site represents “Sector A” of an “Programma integrato di intervento” (Integrated Intervention Programme) approved in 2008 and is still being implemented. The urban contest is typified by an uneven, but functionally articulated, building fabric, with residential, productive, tertiary and commercial settlements as well as farm buildings, marking out an irregular  urban mesh, rich in greenery but lacking in public service functionalities, where a progressive residential reconversion process is underway; such as is happening along the Via Antegnati, where the building renovation of five large buildings intended for social housing and services is in progress. As regards position, size and resources that can be activated, ‘Reinventing’ the Monti Sabini site can be a factor in accelerating and reworking transformations in progress and can help to draw up a new model for living in and inhabiting southern Milan.

Il sito di via Monti Sabini consiste in un’area inedificata di circa 5 ettari, a verde incolto, all’interno del quartiere Vigentino, nel Municipio 5, vasto ambito urbano proteso verso il Parco Agricolo Sud Milano.

Servito da una linea tramviaria che lo connette al centro in soli 20 minuti lungo la via Ripamonti, principale asse di sviluppo del quadrante meridionale della città, il sito dista pochi minuti di tram da una delle aree di rigenerazione più importanti della città, che comprende l’ex scalo ferroviario di Porta Romana, futura sede del villaggio olimpico, la nuova istituzione culturale della Fondazione Prada e l’area di sviluppo urbano Symbiosis, polo direzionale di eccellenza, adiacente al progetto ‘Vitae’, già vincitore del bando Reinventing Cities.

Il sito rappresenta il “Comparto A” di un Programma Integrato di Intervento approvato nel 2008, in attuazione. Il contesto si caratterizza per un tessuto edilizio disomogeneo, ma funzionalmente articolato, con insediamenti residenziali, produttivi, terziari e commerciali e fabbricati rurali che si alternano, definendo una maglia urbana discontinua, ricca di verde, ma carente di funzioni pubbliche e di servizi; nell’ambito è in corso un processo di progressiva riconversione verso funzioni residenziali, come lungo la via Antegnati attraverso il recupero edilizio di cinque grandi edifici da destinare ad housing sociale e servizi. Per posizione, dimensione e risorse attivabili, ‘Reinventare’ il sito di Monti Sabini, può rappresentare il fattore di accelerazione e cucitura delle trasformazioni in corso e contribuire a definire un nuovo modello di abitare e vivere il Sud Milano.


Expected plan
Completing the town planning and environmental restructuring process in progress, setting up new urban functions (private and social) and services and developing open spaces. The proposals should develop activities of the public interest and articulate the offer of housing solutions.

Site’s owner
Municipality of Milan

Plot area
The site has an overall surface area of approx. 52,000 m2, of which: 10,563 m2 is “superficie fondiaria” (land area) and over 40,000 m2 for the construction of public services.

Type of property transfer intended
The site shall be sold with regard to “superficie fondiaria” (land area)s, including related building rights, with the minimum price set by the owner, and contextual realisation of public buildings and new services.

Deadline for the submission of the Expression of Interest
4 May 2020 2pm Milan local time (UTC+1)

Language Requirements
All the documents of the EOI must be submitted in Italian. 
The second document of the EOI (presentation of the project and development concept for the site) must also be submitted in English.


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Via Monti Sabini
Milan Italy


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