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Meet-up Reykjavik
10.00 - 13.00 at City Council Hall
Meet-up Madrid
From 8.30 to 16.30 Site Visit + MedilabPrado
Different Dates Between 24-28 Feb
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Various Dates between 2-4 March
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Goéland Signalétique - Bureau d'étude
20:00    19 / 02
Le président du #Département, Denis Bouad, a apposé sa signature sur plus d'une centaine de contrats #territoriaux… https://t.co/msKUPSWvAr
World Architecture News
15:47    18 / 02
Milan is one of 9️⃣cities taking part in #ReinventingCities, @c40cities’ global competition to transform underused… https://t.co/Sa0gGR2AMM
Ordine Architetti Milano
10:48    17 / 02
🆙Torna on-line #teammiup, la piattaforma creata dall’#Ordine #Architetti Milano per facilitare la creazione di team… https://t.co/VNhRmSrAfV
Franck Guillory
16:44    16 / 02
#VilleduQuartDHeure #Cidadede15minutos #Ciudadde15minutos #Cittadi15minuti - Le positionnement résolu d'… https://t.co/Qww2MM60w5
Wolf - VA
13:50    13 / 02
Another view! @BarrecaLaVarra @ArupGroup, Investire sgr, FIL, FHS with Innesto, the first Zero Carbon “Housing Soci… https://t.co/OvNepENHiA
World Architecture News
12:53    12 / 02
Buildings account for half of total urban emissions in @c40cities. That’s why Singapore is participating in… https://t.co/qyYZjiRjHE