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19:59    24 / 11
A este tipo de personajes me confirmas la restitución de la #C40 y automáticamente te bloquean. Que miedo le tienen… https://t.co/uCNhznnKC4
Matthew Black
17:12    24 / 11
Today, @c40cities launched the Clean Construction Declaration. Congrats all involved! This will be a crucial tool i… https://t.co/biobyKn1A0
Global Youth Climate Action Declaration
17:10    24 / 11
Get our cities to join the Climate Smart Cities Challenge! Virtual Workshop coming Dec 1, 9am EST.… https://t.co/3L2y7c6Tly
14:07    24 / 11
4 leading mayors sign C40 Clean Construction Declaration: https://t.co/RiWTuS8MRa #C40 #construction #buildings #SustainableArchitecture
10:20    24 / 11
Four mayors from leading world cities including Oslo, Los Angeles, Mexico City and Budapest pledge to halve emissio… https://t.co/oZRlU43Dby
08:56    24 / 11
We're proud to have contributed to the @c40cities report, making a clear case for a #GreenRecovery from #Covid19 to… https://t.co/thCwp7Enz4
06:34    24 / 11
Ah pero si en cada protesta de expusiera la causa de la restitución de la #C40 cómo objetivo común y arma legal con… https://t.co/BgMiqnzjxP
04:47    24 / 11
#Cuba #C40 El ataque más fuerte que se ha recibido el movimiento constitucionalista cubano viene desde dentro. La… https://t.co/jmT3SBWsMQ
16:01    23 / 11
It’s about time to refresh the sticks on @ASTROGaming #c40 ... definitely goin w @BattleBeaverC extreme tension for… https://t.co/RQ7wHuE4T6
10:31    23 / 11
#ClimateAction #ParisAgreement The DK2020 project offers aid to qualify climate action and projects in Denmark. Th… https://t.co/JoyB7kKC4V
A-Z bookstore
19:02    22 / 11
■TRUSCO セラミック砥粒フラップホイル 60X25X6 #C40 (5個入) 〔品番:HF6025C... (店舗名:セミプロDIY店ファースト)https://t.co/HHs6L7lHYZ
17:10    22 / 11
#Cuba Ningún método de lucha o plan para la reinstauracion de la República en Cuba que no contemple la propia rein… https://t.co/5wrowm9byl
Joker 🤡
23:22    21 / 11
#astro #C40 #controller #ps4 #ebay https://t.co/EUfQ3MNCnP
Star Musik & Son OI
02:00    21 / 11
🔥 🔥 🔥Vous voulez apprendre à jouer de la guitare? Voici YAMAHA C40II, la guitare par excellence pour les débutants… https://t.co/daqjLeQK1t
SOLVED – The Cleantech Company
14:41    20 / 11
#NordicSolutions for C40 links Nordic companies with #cities facing #climatechange challenges using platform daily.… https://t.co/uhmI1auDGf