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Rome, Italy

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The Ex Mercato (former market) area is located in the Eastern part of the city, and can be positively harnessed to enhance a peripheral area lacking in services and places, to convert it in a central hub.

The Ex Mercato (former market) area is located in the Eastern part of the city, in the Torre Spaccata district, inside the GRA (Great Ring Road), within the Piano INA-Casa zone, a residential and social housing district originally created in the Sixties.The urban context is characterized by densely populated housing complexes and a large green space,  called Pratone di Torre Spaccata, connected to the Centocelle archaeological park.

The structure plays a central role in the neighbourhood as a meeting point for the residents. This is an occasion to enhance a peripheral area lacking in services and collective spaces, by revitalising  the neighborhood, proposing the development of new service models, including the introduction of innovative types of employment that can convert it into a central socio-economic hub. 

L’area dell’Ex Mercato si trova nel quadrante est della città, all’interno del Grande Raccordo Anulare, nel quartiere di edilizia economica e popolare ex INA-Casa realizzato negli anni Sessanta.

Il contesto urbano è caratterizzato da quartieri ad alta densità e dal Pratone di Torre Spaccata, che è collegato al parco archeologico di Centocelle.

L’ex mercato, centrale nella vita del quartiere, è occasione di rigenerazione e recupero, in un’area periferica povera di servizi e di luoghi per la collettività, rendendola il luogo principale che possa accogliere funzioni che rivitalizzino il quartiere, proponendo lo sviluppo di nuovi modelli di servizi, anche con l’introduzione di tipologie di occupazione innovative che possano dare nuovo impulso al suo contesto socio-economico.


Expected program
The proposed functions should be among those allowed under the technical urban modification plan (Annex no. 2).  Housing buildings are admitted, as complementary to the main services to be implemented. 

As an example:
−Services, professional firms and business services, training and education centres, common equipped areas, cultural facilities, artistic and craft studios, university facilities, including student residences and guestrooms, public services, Social Housing etc.

The proposals should strengthen social inclusion and meet the citizens’ expectations in terms of resource shared use, by promoting, for example:
−Innovation as a new model of metropolitan welfare; 
−Innovation for new forms of work in incubators, temporary showrooms and fablabs

Site’s owner
Roma Capitale

Plot Area
The land surface of the area is 2,308 sqm. 

Type of property transfer intended
Roma Capitale does not dispose of the exclusive property right but will consider proposals aimed at the enhancement of the assets in a partnership for the establishment of partial rights to use or as administrative concessions of use / fruition. The duration of the right of use cannot exceed 50 (fifty) years from the ratification of the contract/convention, with possible renewal and given the discretion of the owner “Roma Capitale”. The economic bid will be evaluated in the second and final stage of the tendering procedure.

Deadline for the submission of the Expression of Interest
5 June 2020 12:00 PM UTC. 

Language Requirements
All the documents of the EOI must be submitted in Italian

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Viale dei Romanisti, 43
Roma Italy


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