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This site is located in Chicago’s downtown area, next to all of the city’s transit lines and multiple higher education institutions. The city is seeking redevelopment of this site to build upon the growth trend of the central area.

This site is located in Chicago’s downtown area, next to all of the city’s transit lines and multiple higher education institutions. The city is seeking redevelopment of this site to build upon the growth trend of the central area. For the last six years, Chicago has led the country in corporate expansions and relocations, and more than half of the city’s jobs are located downtown. Employment growth has been particularly strong since 2010, generating nearly 134,000 jobs mostly in service industries such as health care and technology. Chicago also had the fastest growing downtown population of any U.S. city, increasing 50% since 2000, and double the national growth rate.

The site includes several city-owned parcels for sale and a vacant 4-level garage structure at 331 S. Plymouth Court that would need to be demolished for a new mixed-use development proposal. The city-owned parcels are next to Pritzker Park, which was initially established as a temporary park when the Harold Washington Library opened in the early 1990s.The park was dedicated to Cindy Pritzker to commemorate her efforts for the construction of the library. In 2008, the park was improved with $1.2 million in Tax Increment Financing funds and transferred to the Park District.

The site is located next to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) elevated train station which serves the Orange, Brown, Green, Pink, and Purple lines. There are also underground CTA train stations for the Red and Blue lines at State and Dearborn Streets.

There are several higher education institutions in close proximity to this site including the University of Illinois at Chicago’s John Marshall Law School, DePaul University, Columbia College, the School of the Art Institute, Roosevelt University, and Robert Morris University. Directly west of the site is the landmarked Fisher Building for rental housing and the landmarked Old Colony Building for student housing.

The site is located next to State Street’s historic retail corridor. Chicago’s retail sales increased 3.5% last year as consumers are shifting spending from goods to experiences. A few blocks east of the site is Millennium Park, which was recently named the Midwest region’s top tourist attraction and draws an estimated 25 million visitors annually. Chicago’s tourism industry set a record last year with almost 58 million visitors.


The Expression of Interest Regulation Document and the SSR will be updated by end of Q1 2020 

Expected program
The expected program will be drafted in partnership impacted city agencies such as the Department of Housing, Chicago Park District, Chicago Public Libraries, and the Chicago Transit Authority. The City will then present the draft program to the community to gather feedback before finalizing the program elements and site development requirements. 

Expected timeline
The specific site requirements are expected to be finalized together with partner agencies, stakeholders, and community outreach by the end of Q1 2020. The competition will include two phases, an Expression of Interest phase, and an RFP phase with a winning team expected to be announced in early 2021.

Site Ownership and Parcel Information
City-owned parcels for sale (in red on map):
Site Area : 15,965 square feet
Zoning : DX-16
Ward: 4th Ward, Alderman Sophia King

Type of property transfer intended
The City is seeking a development team to redevelop the site, and to transfer the city-owned parcels. The City intends to sell the city-owned parcels to the winning bidder. However, agreement to transfer site ownership would also be subject to additional reviews and approvals such as zoning entitlement, any city financial assistance applications, and permits. The site ownership transfer would then follow the City’s negotiated sale process, which requires final approval from Chicago’s City Council and Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Language requirements
All the documents of the EOI must be submitted in English.

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331-355 S. Plymouth
Chicago USA


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