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On the main square of the City, this 2,530 sqm site, perfectly connected to the public transport, is very special for Salvador because it has a deeply rooted history and a strong public dedicated identity. The City will relocate the prefabricated and removable building that currently serves as City hall, and invites the bidders to propose creative and iconic projects to redevelop this historical and strategic site.

The site is very special for the City of Salvador as it has a deeply rooted history and a strong public dedicated identity. Salvador was founded in 1549 to be the first capital of Brazil. Since the very beginning of the city history, the Thomé de Souza Square, also known as the Municipal Square, is the civic center and an important symbol and reference for the entire city. All the public buildings were located there at the city foundation. 

Nowadays, the Square is still hosted many magnificent official buildings such as the Municipal Council, the Rio Branco Palace, and as well the Lacerda Elevator which connects the Higher City and the Lower City and transports an average of 900,000 people every day. 

The site, that the City of Salvador proposes for the Reinventing Cities competition, homed until the 1960’s, the Official Press of Bahia building, the Public Library and, the building of the Police Department for Games and Customs. With the transfer of these public services to other places, these buildings were demolished, scarring the historical Square initial composition. 

The area became a semi-underground parking garage, and later, a modern removable building designed by renowned Architect João  Filgueiras Lima (known as Lelé) was installed there for the Municipal Executive Power - the City Hall, which is still in operation at the site.

The building, designed to remain there for 6 months, has been in the same place since 1986. The City of Salvador has decided to take over of the relocation of this prefabricated and removable building and would like to build instead a new building.

Throughout the Reinventing Cities competition, the City is inviting architects, developers and projects holders to propose creative projects to redevelop this historical and strategic site. The City is dreaming of an iconic project including new uses and a modern and sustainable design that will recompose the urban scenario of the first square of Salvador, and will highlight the commitment of the City to foster decarbonized urban development.


Expected program
The City of Salvador is open to new proposition for the programing of the new building.
However, the proposals of the bidders must comply with the high standard of the site, and must include up to 25% of offices dedicated to the Mayor's Office that the City will rent to the winning team at market value.

City of Salvador

Plot area
2,530 sq. m

Type of transfer intended
Concession agreement, for 90 years maximum. 

If you have a question or would like more details on the Reinventing Cities competition, please use the form below.
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1664 rue de misericordia
Salvador Brazil


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