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Paris, France

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Porte de Montreuil located on the eastern belt of Paris extends over 35 ha with 60,000 sqm for construction. The project is part of the overall strategy to upgrade the Gates of Paris and to transform them into real metropolitan squares of the Greater Paris. In addition to the environmental excellence, the City of Paris expects proposals to reinforce the connections between Paris et Montreuil, improve public spaces and develop new uses.

Porte de Montreuil, situated on Paris eastern ring road in the 20th arrondissement, covers about 35 hectares. It is one of the parts of the city now being considered for urban renewal, extending from Porte de Bagnolet in the north to Porte de Vincennes in the south. The neighbouring territory of Est Ensemble is piloting a large redevelopment project as part of a national programme for the communes bordering Montreuil and Bagnolet. This strategic gateway to Paris is excellently served by both roads and public transport.

As part of the strategy aimed at transforming the gateways to the city into Greater Paris metropolitan areas, the ambition of this urban development project is to create links between Paris and its neighbouring cities.

The objective of the City of Paris and its partners is to make Porte de Montreuil a pilot district for environmental excellence and a laboratory of the new economy. The future “square” and its surrounding buildings should showcase the new ways of linking Paris and its neighbours. The total buildable area assigned to the perimeter concerned for project tenders is estimated at 60,000 m2.

Applicants will be allowed a high degree of flexibility as regards programming. Since the site is located within the Arc de l’Innovation area, they should pay special attention to innovation in the field of economy.


Expected program

Great flexibility as regards programming.
Innovations expected in the sphere of economics: pilot projects or premises adapted to suit new practices such as innovation platforms, incubators, fab lab, circular economy premises, the social and solidarity economy, new spaces for training and education, innovatory logistics platforms and new forms of hotel and visitor accommodation.
Innovations expected as regards local anchoring and cultural, economic and social spin-offs for the district: contributions to local economic development and jobs, contribution to the district’s appeal and the enhancement of its image, participation in the vigour of the territory and the life of the district.
Relocation of the flea market now on the site (the move to be financed by the City).

Property of the City of Paris.
Some of the land is at present used by the technical departments of the City of Paris and their relocation is under review. Others are part of the city’s public domain, governed by occupancy agreements which are nearing their expiry date and will be declassified before the rights to them are transferred to the forthcoming invitation to submit projects.

Plot area
Total buildability assigned to the call for projects perimeter estimated at a Floor Area (SDP) of 60,000 m2.
The perimeter will be divided into lots to make it easier to identify the specific characteristics of each footprint.
The provisional calendar for the release of the plots of land runs from 2018 to 2021.

Type of transfer intended
Lot by lot as disposals or under contracts conferring real-estate rights (long leases).
Porte de Montreuil
Paris France


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