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Chicago, United States

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This site includes two six-story industrial buildings, built in 1918, and part of the historically significant Central Manufacturing District of Chicago. The site also has an adjacent parking lot and 1-story parking structure. The City of Chicago is open to a large variety of proposals that will revitalize this iconic site and contribute to the vibrancy of the McKinley Park neighborhood.

The Pershing Road site contains two historic six-story buildings, designed by architect Samuel Scott Joy and built in 1918, and a 160,000 square foot parcel with a parking lot and a one-story parking garage. The two industrial buildings, each over 570,000 square feet in size, are located within the historic Central Manufacturing District (“CMD”).  The CMD, which was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2015, was one of the country‘s first planned industrial districts.  The CMD was home to over 200 manufacturers, including such industrial giants as Wrigley, Spiegel, Westinghouse, and Goodyear. 

The site is located within the McKinley Park neighborhood, so named for the 69-acre McKinley Park which has a lagoon, a swimming pool, and an ice-skating rink. This neighborhood has a large, working-class population, with residential areas north of the site and industrial areas continuing south of the site.  

The City of Chicago expects the winning proposal of the Reinventing Cities competition to add vibrancy to Chicago‘s southwest communities, particularly the McKinley Park neighborhood. While the City’s preference is for redevelopment of the entire site, bidders may also propose to reactivate only one or both of the historic six-story buildings. Proposals  should enhance opportunities for  Chicago‘s workforce and for nearby residential communities. The project should aspire to be carbon-neutral, while increasing the site‘s resilience to water events.  The overall design of the project should relate positively to the site’s context, provide publicly accessible spaces, and engage visual interest from the street.

Link to the video recording of the information Meeting (2018/02/23)
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Expected program
Local zoning law allows for a wide variety of uses, such as office, business services, indoor urban farming, eating and drinking establishments, private event venues, and certain industrial services.  The City will consider zoning amendments to allow other innovative uses that enhance Chicago‘s workforce and for nearby residential opportunities.

The buildings and parcels are owned by the City of Chicago. 

Plot area
The historic six-story buildings each measure approximately 263‘ wide and   325‘ deep, and contain over 570,000 square feet  of  interior  space  with  10.5‘-13‘  clear floor-to-ceiling  dimensions.  Behind  the  two buildings is a paved parking lot of over 100,000 square feet in size.  At the east side of the site, the 1717 W. Pershing Road property offers over 160,000 square feet of land and a development potential for 500,000 additional square feet.  The City owns a third six-story building west of and adjacent to the site, which the City fully occupies, and is thus not included in the Reinventing Cities Competition offering.

Type of property transfer intended
The City intends to sell all, or a portion of this site to the winning bidder. Bidders must offer to purchase and rehabilitate at least one of the six-story buildings. Transfer of ownership would follow the City‘s negotiated sale process, which requires final approval from Chicago‘s City Council and Mayor.
2001 West Pershing Road
Chicago United States


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