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The City of Paris invites bidders to propose innovative proposals to imagine new types of crossing over the Seine. “Passerelles” comprises three sites, and the bidders may submit proposals for one or more locations. The City expects projects that will both improve the link between the riverbanks and create new places of destination over the river.

The Seine and its riverbanks represent a potential location for new types of footbridges, both places of passage and of life. General enhancement and enjoyment of these areas by Parisians, residents of the Ile–de-France and tourists are a key factor of urban planning policy for the City of Paris.

Paris currently has 37 bridges and footbridges - speaking of the technical and architectural innovations of the eras when they were first built. In proposing three new sites on either side of the Seine, the City of Paris wishes to make its own contribution to this story, offering multi-disciplinary teams an opportunity for creating new options for crossing the Seine.

These would not be simple crossing-points but places with a life of their own where people might like to linger.  They would fulfil a number of roles in the urban landscape, according to a business model to be invented, with unique potential as a mean of both showcasing and crossing the river.

The three locations identified are between the 4th and 5th arrondissements close to Morland development area and the Tino Rossi Gardens, between the 12th and 13th arrondissements near the planned Bercy-Charenton district, and between the 15th and 16th arrondissements by the Parc André Citroën. Bidders may submit proposals for one or more locations.

An important challenge for bidders will be  to deliver an innovative response to the technical demands particular to this type of site, such as flood-related issues and ensuring safe conditions for navigation; while respecting the particular landscape of the Seine river.

The opening of the data room for these sites could be delayed in respect of the overall schedule.


Site visits will be organized only in phase 2, as the sites are publicly accessible

Expected programme
Above the river: foster the development of recreational activities, restaurants, or commercial activities related to the river.
On the right-of-ways (located in the UG zone and outside of the river) on the high platforms: develop wider possibilities both in terms of new constructions and destinations.
It is expected that the projects will resonate with the various activities (economic or leisure) and equipment developed on the banks of the Seine and contribute to their ongoing animation. They should not create any obstacle to the sustainability of economic or industrial activities.

The bridges are concerned by three public domains:
- Public domain of the City of Paris (for thehigh docks)
- Fluvial public domain under the ownership and / or management of the Port Autonome de Paris (low banks and the riwer water level up to 24 meters wide respectively to the artificial and natural public domain)
- Public river domain of the State managed by Voies Navigables de France and belonging to the natural public domain (above the navigation channel).

Plot area
Non relevant.

Type of transfer intended
The terms for the transfer of rights (transfer, lease, temporary occupation permit, type of rights, etc.) are being appraised.

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