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The following information is indicative only: both the competition Regulation and the Site Specific Requirements documents will be available for download by mid-December. Further information regarding the requested documentation will be made available in this submission page at the same time.

Before submitting your project, please make sure your proposal complies with :
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The documents will be written both in English and, if different, in the local language. Each of the documents will be dated and signed by the representative, or another authorised body, of the bidder team.
The composition of the bidder team is a criterion used to assess the relevance of the project within the framework of the competition. It demonstrates the feasibility and the soundness of the proposed project.
The project description is a maximum of 10 pages in the A4 format. At this Expression of Interest stage, detailed architectural drawing such as perspectives will not be admitted, unless specified otherwise in the SSR.
This memo presents the legal-financial framework proposed by the bidder team only as a statement of intentions. The definitive commitments of the team will appear in the final proposal.
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This site of 48 ha comprises an extensive piece of open undeveloped land in the southern suburb of Ottery, next to the existing Ottery commercial node. The City expects on this site, that will benefit from phase 2 of the City’s BRT roll-out programmes, innovative projects that will demonstrate new forms of medium to high density urban development with high environmental performance, in accordance with the objectives of the municipality to limit the ecological impact of City growth.

This site of 48ha consists of several land parcels comprising an extensive piece of open undeveloped land, located in the southern suburb of Ottery, next to the existing Ottery commercial node on the Cape Flats, some 12km outside Cape Town CBD. This major site is surrounded by mostly low-density suburban single residential development with some community facilities, and some commercial activity a short distance further away.

Constituting the site‘s southern boundary, Ottery Road forms part of phase 2 of the City‘s BRT roll-out programme and would in future accommodate the planned Wetton-Lansdowne trunk route (over the next 3 to 5 years), with a number of stations along the edge of the site.  

With the possibilities that the new public transit route will create, this unutilised site presents an extensive mixed infill development opportunity in a suburban setting. It is suitable for significant medium to higher density mixed residential development, with associated infrastructure and facilities, as well as commercial, employment and mixed use nodal elements. 

The City of Cape Town expects on this site innovative projects that will demonstrate new forms of medium density urban development with high environmental performance. In accordance with the objectives of the municipality to limit the ecological impact of city growth, bidder teams will have to propose the best solutions towards a carbon neutral and resilient urban development.


Further information about this site will be provided by the end of December 2017 (site dataroom, Site Specific Requirements).

Expected program
Medium to higher density mixed residential development (including affordable / gap housing) with associated community infrastructure and facilities, together with some higher density commercial / employment / mixed use nodal elements towards the existing Ottery commercial centre to the south. The stormwater / wetland parts of the site would need to be accommodated in a green open space network, which also includes some functional recreational open space.

City of Cape Town

Plot area
Approximately 48ha

Type of transfer intended
Normally full freehold disposal of the asset, but depends on the proposal (eg whether the planned upgrading of an informal settlement community that exists on a part of the site, is to be incorporated or excluded from the development proposal). A leasehold arrangement or a combination of freehold/lease options could also be considered where appropriate.

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