Mercato Gorla

Milan, Italy

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Gorla is an underused food market that enjoys an ideal situation along Viale Monza, one of the most important city’s historical road. The 970 sqm plot is very well connected to public transportation and has a high potential. Its redevelopment should include new social activities, with connection to its original function of food market.

Gorla is located on the northeastern side of Milan, along Viale Monza, one of the city’s most important historical axis connecting the city to the surrounding metropolitan area. 

The site is a small plot partially occupied by a dismissed public market building that was built about 60 years ago.

At the core of an historical suburban neighborhood, and very well linked to the city centre with various services and mixed urban functions, it offers great opportunities to develop new urban functions in a vibrant neighborhood.
The neighborhood is at the north of an area that has recently been through a revitalization process. Today called ‘NoLo (North of Loreto), it is increasingly dynamic, thanks to the creation of start-ups and social activities by young entrepreneurs.

Located only 250m away from MM1 Gorla station, the site has can be easily accessed by public transportation. 

At the same time, Viale Monza is also an important traffic axis, connecting Milan to Monza and other towns of the metropolitan area. 


Expected program
Integration of the project into the urban context and existing functions. Development of new activities for the existing building including food services (but large-scale distribution excluded) at the ground floor. Any function promoting social inclusion would be encouraged.

The Municipality of Milan.

Plot area

Approximately 970 sqm. Occupied by a dismissed public building (approx. 865 sqm of GFA).

Type of property transfer intended
The site will be on sale including the existing building, with a minimum price set by the owner. According to the proposal, further rights may be purchased from the Municipality or achieved through incentives (i.e. social housing or energy efficiency).

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