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San Francisco, United States

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Located at the heart of Hallidie Plaza, the nexus of tourism and shopping in San Francisco, the City invites creative minds to develop, on this 8,915 sqm triangular plot, iconic projects with high environmental performance and landmark architecture. The project should support a renewed Market street, linking public open spaces and connecting the City's Civic Center to cultural, social, tourism, and retail destinations.

The site is located in a very strategic area, at the nexus of tourism and shopping in San Francisco, California. Adjacent and part of a popular plaza (Hallidie Plaza), it is just steps away from the Powell street cable car turnaround, the Visitor Information Center and the Westfield Shopping Center, and a few blocks from Moscone Convention Center. The site is in an area bustling with shoppers and tourists at nearly all hours of the day and evening. 

Perfectly connected to transportation networks, the site is at the center of businesses, cultural, and recreational opportunities.

This site is located at the gate of the Financial District including shopping, tourism, and employment centers. The median income of residents in the financial districts is over $117k, significantly higher than the citywide rate of about $82k. A couple blocks to the west of this site the conditions are starkly different. The Tenderloin neighborhood is home to the highest concentration of homeless population along with many social services and homeless services organizations. The median household income of this area drops to about $22k. 

The site is a small plot in triangular shape, with frontage on Market Street and Cyril Magnin Street, with a lower level plaza (public space to be maintained) and a higher level (street front), connected by vertical circulation for pedestrians.

The current planning rules do not permit new development or structures of any height or size on this site. However, the City of San Francisco invites the applicants to propose creative proposal with high environmental performance and landmark architecture. If a great project is identified through this competition, the City will consider rezoning this strategic site. 

The future developments should support and amplify a renewed Market Street that will anchor the neighborhoods, link public open spaces and connect the City's Civic Center with cultural, social, convention, tourism, and retail destinations.

Finalist teams

Team representative: STOK INVESTMENT GROUP
Environmental expert(s): STOK


Expected program:
The City is open to an innovative program for the Site that addresses the constructability challenges of such a small parcel, and integrates with the active and pedestrian friendly nature of adjoining uses. 
In addition, respondents are encouraged to seek improvements on the lower level plaza and terraces between it and the street front above, in consideration of the need for pedestrian vertical circulation. They will also consider programming to relocate the current Visitor Center to a more visible and easily accessible location, and to redesign or improve the adjacent Hallidie Plaza, which is not currently part of the Site, to better serve as an active, vibrant public open space.

The City and the County of San Francisco

Plot area
8,915 square feet, triangular in shape

Type of property transfer intended
Lease or sale.

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Western Triangle Market St & Cyril Magnin St.
San Francisco United States


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