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The site is part of a larger area of 1.9 ha located in an industrial area to be redeveloped within the next 10-20 years. It benefits from a dynamic of redevelopment jointly driven by the City and the government, with new facilities such as the future public swimming pool that will be built next to the site. Close to the metro-station and to the center of the Stovner district, the plot has a strategic location for sustainable and decarbonized urban development.

The site is part of a larger area of 25.000 sqm called Fossumdumpa, which is located in the center of Stovner district and situated in the Grorud Valley in the easternpart of Oslo.

Fossumdumpa is the first part of a large industrial area to be redeveloped in Stovner within the next 20 years, with a potential for 6000-6500 new dwellings.

The City of Oslo and the Norwegian government have joined forces to tackle the issue of living conditions in the Grorud Valley in the past few years, with a Redevelopment Programme focusing on sustainable urban development, including local initiatives and participation, cross-sectoral cooperation, environmental restoration and upgrading.

Benefiting from this dynamic, Stovner has experienced big improvements such as better lightings, new outdoor- and recreational areas and facilities. The city government has decidedto establish a new public swimming pool close to the site.

Close to Stovner metro station and to the center of the district, the site has a strategic location for further urban development with a high floor ratio and a high level of public transportation, contributing to a climate friendly urban development.


Expected program
Program to be further specified and detailed in accordance with the new zoning plan which is under preparation.
Expectations for the submitted site: future developers (bidding team) are expected to focus on the creation of a new attractive urban space with functions which can make a positive contribution to the development of Stovner: for example new dwellings, offices, public or private services, cafes, and so on. Solutions that challenge conventional floor plan with a higher proportion of common spaces i.e. laundry, cooking zones can be especially interesting. The Municipality of Oslo shall have a preemption right to 10% of the homes for social housing.

The city of Oslo is now preparing a new zoning plan for Fossumdumpa area. The start-up of the planning was announced on 31. January 2018. The aim of the plan is to create a new and attractive urban space with a swimming-pool, residential cares and health services, possible new offices for the city administration and possible new dwellings or any function which can contribute to a positive development of Stovner. A proposal for a planning programme is sent for consultation and circulated for comment with a deadline of Mars 14, 2018. The approval of the new zoning plan is currently expected in November 2019.
The submitted site is about 1/3 of the total Fossumdumpa area. 


The site is owned by the Municipality of Oslo.

Plot area
The plot is located in the northwestern part of Fossumdumpa area, in the west of the future swimming-pool, and the north of the future residential cares.
The plot area has a total size of about 10.000 square meters which also will include part of the new public spaces in accordance with the new zoning plan.
The site benefits from its central location near Stovner metro station, with a possible building density between 150 % and 250 %. 

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Stovner district
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