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  • Andy Kopp
    21:45    19 / 11
    Thrilled for @TrumanProject Security Fellow @JoelKDay. Can't wait to read his work on cities increasing direct lead… https://t.co/pzBSKylmbd
  • Jayraydee
    20:56    19 / 11
    This was a design that was never released, but I really liked it! What do you guys think? #C40 #ASTRO #astroC40… https://t.co/RbBwj8r4ir
  • Federación Paraguaya de Fútbol de Salón
    20:42    19 / 11
    Arranca la lucha por el podio "Campeonato Nacional C40-Ciudad del Este 2019" #futboldesalon #paraguay #c40 https://t.co/mIgdNwasFU