Automóvel Clube do Brasil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Automovel Club is an historical iconic building located in a vibrant district of Rio with intense artistic and cultural life, and just across the road from one of the most important parks of the City. The City expects creative proposals to renovate this patrimonial building while preserving its unique architecture, and to propose new uses and environmental innovations for its redevelopment.

Right in the heart of one of the most dynamic and vibrant cities of the world, the Automóvel Clube do Brasil building is an icon located in the historic centre of Rio.
The building is set on a plot at 90 Rua do Passeio Público. It is near the Lapa Aqueduct and various bars and restaurants, in a vibrant area with an intense artistic and cultural life. 

In front of the Passeio Publico public historical park, the building intended for redevelopment has served as a residence, theatre, meeting place in the past, and  is now of great cultural importance.

We now have the opportunity to revive this unique place by proposing new uses for it and incorporating environmental solutions that are also in compliance with the required protection rules and preserve the architectural wealth and emblematic features of the building.

Candidates are invited to propose an innovative, sustainable project that would restore this historic property and develop new uses. It is also possible to integrate proposals of  requalification of Rua do Passeio up towards the subway connection, and the scenic restoration of the Passeio Público.

This intervention is a new opportunity in the search for environmental solutions that promote the city’s low-carbon and sustainable development.


The application process for Rio de Janeiro is going to be launched on November 29th. On this date, the competition documents for Rio de Janeiro, including the Regulation document and the detailled requirements document for Automóvel Clube do Brasil will be available on this webpage. Please register  to our mailing list to receive all the updates regarding Automóvel Clube do Brasil site

Expected program: 

Building restoration and development of new uses. Suggested uses are cultural or institutional services, but candidates may incorporate other uses such as tourism or commercial activities. The property is located in the Cultural Corridor Special Zone: projects must thereby abide the permitted uses and activities. It is also requested that sustainability and resilience techniques be employed in historic buildings. It is recommended that the requalification of Rua do Passeio up to the subway connection and the landscaping restoration of Passeio Público park be included in the proposal. Partnerships may be set up with local property owners and institutions to enhance the urban improvements. Bidders may integrate adjacent buildings in their project proposal.


Municipality of Rio de Janeiro. 

Type of property transfer intended:

If you have a question or would like more details on the Reinventing Cities competition, please use the form below.
You will receive a response via email.

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Rua Do Passeio 90 – Centro 20021-290
Rio de Janeiro Brazil


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