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This 9,000 sqm plot is the gateway to a large brownfield to be regenerated. It enjoys an ideal location near a green recreational park, a salmon-fishing river and the ocean. It benefits from the future station of the new high quality transportation system of Borgarlína – City line. The development of this site presents a high potential to showcase how a natural area can flow into an urban project.

Ártún, a 9000 sq. m. plot currently unused and unbuilt, is the gateway into the new neighbourhood of Ártúnshöfði, a brownfield ready to be  redeveloped. Development of such brownfield sites,for residential and mixed uses, will be top priority in next decades according to the Reykjavík Masterplan 20-30. 

The current Redevelopment plan for this site includes a future station of the new high quality transportation system, of Borgarlína – City line.
The site is also already well connected to the biking infrastructure of the city and is easy to access by bus. 

The site enjoys an ideal situation near a green recreational park that has a salmon-fishing river running through it, creating a lovely mix of urbanity and nature.  It is a perfect location to showcase how a natural area can flow into an urban project taking advantage of the closeness to the green area and the river and ocean. 

Bidders are expected to take into account the city’s ambitious requirements regarding green infrastructures and to showcase decarbonized and greener landmark urban development.

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Find at the following link the webstream of the event organized in Reykjavik on 7th March : 

Residential and mixed uses.  The programme should be addressing Borgarlína – City line stop in some way.
The program should also take into account the current Redevelopment plan of transformation in the area, to create a liveable, friendly and diverse area.
The requirements for the specific site is that the program utilizes and activates the proposed city line stop, makingit a hub of communication and life in the area.

The site is owned by the city of Reykjavík 

Plot area
Approximately 9000 sq. m.

Type of transfer intended
Land lease agreements in Reykjavík are for 50 years.

Note that in general, all land lease agreements are renewed after the duration of 50 years. If they are not renewed, there has to be a great need for changes in land use, for example, from industrial to residential. In such cases the owner is reimbursed for the buildings on the land according to a valuation of an independent real estate company.
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