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The area in Via Oreste Salomone, in Municipality 4 of of Milan, is located in the south-eastern part of the Forlanini district, and is part of a programme that envisages the construction of social housing under an Agreement between the Municipality of Milan, the Lombardy Region and Aler.

The western boundary of Via Zama is bordered by the railway line, which is the main north-south junction in the eastern part of the city. To the north, the subway at Via Lombroso provides accessibility to Porta Vittoria. The area of the European Library of Information and Culture - Ex Macello, west of the railway, is affected by significant urban transformations, as well as being part of the last edition of Reinventing Cities. The winning project of the past edition provides the former slaughterhouse area with a new functional mix of housing, workplaces, production and services. Beyond the railway line, to the west, is the ‘Mercato Ortofrutticolo’, with a significant urban extension and this is being redeveloped as well.

The site is also located in a central position with respect to the two areas of Porta Vittoria and Santa Giulia, which will also undergo important urban regeneration works. 
The surrounding urban context is mainly tertiary, productive and residential. To the north of the area there is the public residential buildings (ERP) complex of the 'Case Bianche' and some sports and school facilities of various levels. To the east is the Parco Agricolo Sud. Access to the site is guaranteed by the north-south axis of Via Salomone, on which several lines run. Finally, the area will soon be connected by the Forlanini stop on the new Viale Corsica metro line 4. 

The main development objectives for the area are the completion of the reclamation procedures (partly already carried out) and the construction of Social Housing for rent and sale, guaranteeing a functional and social mix including the presence of complementary functions. The inclusion of green areas and related services and potential innovative technologies are encouraged. The process should therefore aim to improve the theme of social housing, one of the main objectives of the city, with the integration of activities, spaces, active ground floors that create social inclusion, job opportunities and improve the quality of life in a sustainable way.

Expected Land Use
The redevelopment of the space is expected through the inclusion of functional and social mixes, including social housing units for rent and sale at affordable prices and other complementary functions. The inclusion of green areas and related services to promote a more sustainable lifestyle and social inclusion will also be encouraged. Rewards are envisaged for the use of offsite technologies.

Type of Property transfer intended
Surface rights (max. 68 years).


Plot Area: The site has a surface area of approximately 15935 square metres, spread over two areas of irregular trapezoidal shape.

Site Ownership:
Municipality of Milan with surface right to Aler.

Deadline for the submission of the Expression of Interest: 17
 October 2022 at 14:00 CET


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Via Oreste Salomone
Milan Italy