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The via Pitagora area is located in the Municipality of Milan, Municipality 2, near the Sesto Marelli stop and 500 metres from the Villa S. Giovanni stop of the underground line 1.

Nota fase 2: Considerate le numerose richieste pervenute all’Amministrazione scrivente da parte dei Team partecipanti alla fase 2 di Reinventing Cities di organizzare un incontro di Q&A (ideato quale “FAQ” rafforzata in forma orale) per formulare domande sulle modalità di presentazione dei relativi progetti per i siti oggetto di bando, la medesima Amministrazione accoglie tale richiesta e allo scopo organizzerà un incontro collettivo avente le seguenti caratteristiche: 

  • Tale incontro collettivo sarà aperto ai soli Team partecipanti alla Fase 2 di Reinventing e sarà direttamente con il RUP della procedura, Arch. Franco Zinna, più altri suoi collaboratori dotati di competenze tecniche adeguate allo scopo, che non fanno in alcun modo parte della Commissione giudicatrice. 

  • Tale incontro avverrà in un’unica data comunicata a tutti i Team coinvolti, i quali potranno partecipare attraverso i loro rappresentanti/delegati e l’incontro si svolgerà sulla piattaforma Teams.

  • Tale incontro sarà registrato e pubblicato sulle Data Room di C40 per ogni sito. Pertanto, previamente, dovrà essere sottoscritto dai Team partecipanti interessati all’incontro un modulo di consenso informato Privacy. 

  • L’Amministrazione si riserva, comunque, attraverso il RUP ed i suoi collaboratori, di dare risposte immediate laddove possibile (domande e risposte che verranno anch’esse pubblicate nelle Data Room), mentre, alle domande che richiedono valutazioni approfondite, verrà data risposta in seguito attraverso le FAQ scritte, le quali saranno pubblicate nelle Data Room presenti sul sito di C40 di ogni sito. 

  • All’esito dell’incontro verrà, altresì, redatto un verbale che sarà anch’esso pubblicato nelle Data Room di C40 per ogni sito. 

A tal fine, l’appuntamento via Teams è fissato nella giornata del 26/4/2023 dalle ore 14:00 sino indicativamente alle ore 17:00 (prevedendo un tempo di 15 minuti circa a Team).

It is in an area of widespread urban renewal along the Viale Monza axis, which is characterised by architectural regeneration of buildings and urban regeneration of open spaces. It is also barycentric with respect to the Greco airport and the urban regeneration underway in the Adriano district to the northeast. Not far away and of particular interest are the transformations that will affect the former Falck areas in Sesto San Giovanni. There will also be areas for hospitality, neighbourhood shopping, affordable housing and new green connections. These projects, together with the planned extension of the metro line towards Monza, will help redefine the new boundaries of the metropolitan area.

In the urban sector to the south of the Pitagora site, the regeneration of public green spaces along the Gobba-Precotto tram route, which connects the entire northern part of the city, the projects on the Viale Monza road axis and the urban-environmental transformation of the Greco-Breda depot are of great relevance. The "Innesto" project, outcome of the first edition of the Reinventing Cities competition, will create new connections with the area at the west of the railway (Bicocca), with the respective university campus about 1 km away. The urban context is also characterised by the presence of educational and social-health facilities.

In line with the strategies identified in the TMP to respond to the growing demand for housing by experimenting with new models of social housing, the aim is to transform the areas into a new context for social housing to rent at affordable prices. This will accommodate a synergic and efficient functional and social mix through volumes that are in harmony and dialogue with the surrounding urban context, with attention to the integration of activities, spaces and active ground floors that create social inclusion, job opportunities and improve the quality of life in a sustainable way.

Expected Land Use
As envisaged by the PGT, the use of the site foresees the insertion of Social Housing at affordable prices, alongside quotas of Public Housing, experimenting new housing models and services to generate a social mix, including public services to the citizens and neighbourhood activities, fostering active ground floors and integrating green areas whilst preserving valuable existing ones. Rewards are also envisaged for the use of offsite and innovative technologies.

Type of Property transfer intended
Surface rights with an indication of a minimum price set by the property. Depending on the proposal, it will be possible to transfer further building rights, owned by the Municipality of Milan, in accordance with the procedures defined in the PGT.


Plot Area: The site has a surface area of approximately 4,800 square metres in a regular shaped area, partly green and partly used as a car park by MM S.p.A.

Site Ownership:
Partly owned by the Municipality of Milan, partly owned by MM S.p.A.

Deadline for the submission of Phase 2 (finalist teams): 30 November 2023, 2pm (local time Milan)


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Via Pitagora 22-32
Milan Italy