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Submit a project Deadline for Phase 2 submission (finalist teams): 31 May 2023, 2pm (local time Milan)

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Piazzale Martesana is located in Milan's Zone 2 on the Viale Monza road axis, about 300 metres from the line 1 Gorla and Precotto metro stations.

The presence of the Naviglio Martesana, along with numerous existing and newly planned green areas in the area, defines an ecological corridor that characterises the territory. The surrounding urban context is primarily residential, with neighbourhood services, as well as significant areas of Public Residential Construction. Numerous health, sports, and educational structures have been identified, as well as significant urban-environmental transformation initiatives, such as that of the Greco-Breda airport, which will create new connections with the fabric west of the railway (Bicocca), a project called "Innesto," the winner of the first Reinventing Cities competition. New areas are also being developed for social housing, which will be available for rent and sale at regulated prices. Piazzale Martesana is currently used as a large parking lot with an electrical substation operated by Atm. The large public car park that occupies most of the area is a type of caesura and is characterised by the heat island effect. The current PGT incorporates the site into the transportation infrastructure and calls for the surfaces to be de-paved as part of the green infrastructure network.

The project intends to reinvent the square by leveraging PGT's specific discipline to kickstart a regeneration process that includes timely interventions such as reconnection of public spaces, reforestation and environmental regeneration, and the establishment of services and/or quotas of urban functions. The project's goal is to redevelop the area by transforming its functional purpose into another type of public service, which could include a mix of social services such as Social Housing as well as necessary and compatible ancillary urban functions, including de-paving and the integration of activities, spaces, and active ground floors that promote social inclusion, employment opportunities, sustainability and improve quality of life.

Expected Land Use
The space will be redeveloped by incorporating functional and social mixes, as well as ERS quotas at affordable prices, compatible functions, and de-paving interventions. Green spaces and related initiatives will be favoured, promoting a more sustainable lifestyle and social integration.

Type of Property transfer intended
Surface rights are established by the property with an indication of a minimum price. It will be possible to transfer additional building rights in accordance with the procedures outlined in the PGT, as well as by submitting a request to the Municipality of Milan, depending on the proposal.


Plot Area: The site is approximately 11,700 square metres and is currently used as a public car park level with an electricity substation managed by ATM.

Site Ownership:
Municipality of Milan.

Deadline for the submission of Phase 2 (finalist teams): 31 May 2023, 2pm (local time Milan)

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