Ex Centro Polifunzionale di Piscinola

Naples, Italy

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The Piscinola Multifunctional Centre is a highly desirable complex that is currently undergoing urban regeneration.

In the past, it was a hub of activity, and from 1988 onwards, it served as a gathering spot for young people. The imposing structure, which stands in the city's northern outskirts and is designed in the Brutalist style, has enormous aggregation potential on a scale far beyond the size of the neighbourhood. The Centre is made up of a gym, a swimming pool, and other sports facilities, as well as office space, cultural activities, and education. The complex is located in the Scampia/Piscinola neighbourhood, which is currently one of the city's most active areas in terms of association and aggregation, located at a distance of 15 to 20 minutes walk from two metro stations. 

The complex still houses the 'Domenico Severino' municipal library, which has one of the city's largest library collections, as well as the Area Nord theatre, an urban gathering place with a significant programme of artistic residencies. With its incredible aggregative capacities and the ambition to be made available to young segments of the population, the Multipurpose Centre awaits sustainable proposals to return to full capacity.

Expected Land Use

The project must include the reuse of sports facilities, spaces for innovative education and art. It must ensure that the majority of activities respond to public interest whilst also being affordable for local communities.

The project must incorporate uses and services that are environmentally sustainable and create new opportunities for the area with a circular economy approach. The building must be upgraded  to make it more energy efficient. The project must integrate context of associations and the regeneration that is already in place (theatre and youth centre for migrants).

Type of Property Transfer Intended

A concession for a minimum of 29 years is proposed as a way of transferring the site. During the design phase, the charge for this concession, which is determined by the market price minus the cost of the completed works, will be agreed upon with the finalist teams.


Plot Area: The area includes a large gymnasium and a diving pool in a 5-story multifunctional building with covered floors. The surface area covered area is approximately 15,800 square metres.

Site ownership: The site is entirely owned by the Municipality of Naples.

Deadline for the submission of the Expression of Interest: 20 September 2022 at 14:00 CET

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Naples Italy