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The site is located at 186 Viale Certosa, in Municipality 8 of the Municipality of Milan, in an area where the PGT foresees interventions of urban forestation, regeneration of existing buildings and open spaces, aimed at improving their environmental performance.

Furthermore, the urban context is characterised by the presence of sports facilities, schools and the presence of Monte Stella Park, one of the most representative parks in the city. The area is predominantly residential, with tertiary and productive facilities as well. The Viale Certosa axis is an important element of urban mobility as it is crossed by the number 14 underground railway line and bus line 69, which runs along the nearby Via Gallarate. To the east, the Viale Certosa motorway junction connects the eastern edge of the city with the main motorway networks. The area is not directly adjacent to the main Viale Certosa road system.

Not far, close to Piazzale Accursio, the new U.S. consulate will be built, while the Lampugnano node will undergo a major transformation in the coming years, as envisaged by the PGT 2030. The site, now used as a car park, is included in the perimeter of a 1970s consortium plan for the construction of low-cost public housing, under which two public residential buildings (ERP) and some public facilities, including school and sports facilities, were built in the immediate vicinity.

The development objectives of the area envisage the redevelopment of the site through the inclusion of services such as Social Housing units accompanied by an effective functional mix that activates the ground floor levels, alongside the redevelopment of the ERP buildings within the same lot. The redevelopment of the area will therefore have to propose solutions to improve the "housing" thematic and with a particular focus on social housing, with related integration of activities, spaces, active ground floors that create social inclusion, job opportunities and improve the quality of life from a sustainability perspective.

Expected Land Use
The redevelopment of the space is expected through the insertion of functional and social mixes, including affordable housing units and complementary functions also through de-paving in order to enhance accessibility to surrounding streets. The incorporation of green areas and related services that promote a more sustainable lifestyle and social inclusion are encouraged. The Municipality of Milan may envisage rewards for the use of offsite technologies also applied to the redevelopment of existing public residential buildings and to the recovery of their ground floors to make them more sustainable and efficient

Type of Property transfer intended
Surface rights (max. 90 years).


Plot Area: The site has a surface area of approximately 4200 sqm which is spread over a regular shaped area, currently used for level parking.

Site Ownership:
Municipality of Milan in surface right to Aler.

Deadline for the submission of Phase 2 (finalist teams): 31 May 2023, 2pm (local time Milan)

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Viale Certosa 186
Milan Italy